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By | Feb 7, 2009

Disco was huge in 1978 and many of the songs reaching the top of the charts were disco inspired. The Number 6 song Taste of Honey Boogie Oogie Oogie fits that description.

The song Kiss You All Over by Exile not only follows the previous song on this list it followed it as the weekly Number 1 song.

The Bee Gees had started as a ballad singing group in the late 1960’s and in 1975 began doing more rhythmic disco style songs. In 1977 they were asked to do the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever, the single movie that shows the Disco Era and continue with the Disco craze. From this record and movie came the fourth favorite song of the year and the opening song with John Travolta walking down the street with Staying Alive.

At Number 3 is the disco hit Le Freak by the funk group Chic. This song, the biggest selling single on Atlantic Records, was the first song to reach the Billboard number 1 spot three times. In December 1978, January 1979 it was twice knocked out of the Number 1 spot only to reclaim it later.

Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb was Number 1 for seven weeks during the summer of 1978. Andy wrote the song along with all three of his brothers.

In many ways 1978 can be called the year of the Gibb brothers. Many of the top songs were written on recorded by the brothers, Barry, Maurice and Robin of the Bee Gees or their younger brother Andy. The Number 1 song of the year came from Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive, one of many songs that John Travolta danced to in the movie.

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