Twelfth Night

By | Jan 5, 2009

Twelfth Night falls on the evening of January 5th or the eve of the Epiphany. It is the last night of the period called Christmastide, which begins on Christmas Day.

The song the 12 Days of Christmas relates to the days of Christmastide.

The Epiphany is the celebration of of the coming of the Magi. The earliest reference to this feast was in 361 when Ammianus Marcellinus St. Epiphanius says that January 6 is hemera genethlion toutestin epiphanion (Christ’s “Birthday; that is, His Epiphany”).

Twelfth Night to Epiphany morning is one of the traditional time to take down the Christmas tree and decorations.

The song does not have any religious symbolism nor a code used by persecuted Catholics. There is no evidence that this was even considered until the 1990’s.

William Shakespeare play Twelfth Night is a play meant to be performed on twelfth night. The play is based on the short story “Of Apolonius and Silla” by Barnabe Rich, which was based on a story by Matteo Bandello.


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  1. Erin January 5, 2009 3:22 am

    I really wish that the Christmas season would never end. It has been a great one. Hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well! Until next year… toodle ooo!

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