Remembering 2008

By | Jan 1, 2009

When people look back upon 2008, many years from now, the two events that will sure to be on everyone’s list is the downturn of the economy and the 2008 Presidential election. Had Obama lost, it still would have been one for the history books. His election really does mean that we are entering a new age.

Many people that have entertained, educated or annoyed us passed away this past year. The ones that we will miss the most are those who were in their prime or their prime was in front of them. We missed the chance to see how Tim Russert would have commented and reported on the historic November election and all of the work that Heath Ledger would have done to entertained us.

The most heartbreaking lost of 2008 was that of the 2 year old Caylee Anthony. She would have turned 3 on August 9th. The picture of the first missing and now confirmed dead girl is one to melt the heart of even the vilest of people. Although it seems as if the vilest person is her mother Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony had been indicted for the murder of her daughter even before the girl’s remains were discovered on December 11th.

At the beginning of the year it appeared as if the New England Patriots were going to do something that had never been accomplished in the NFL. That would be to finish the season with a perfect record of 19-0. This would have matched the undefeated season of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins had a record of 17-0 playing only 14 regular season games compared to New England’s 16 game schedule. The New York Giants, who entered the playoffs as a wild card team and fifth seed in the NFC, won the Super Bowl, 17-14. To win, the Giants won 17 road games and became the first NFC wild card team to win the Super Bowl. The year ended with the Detroit Lions becoming the first NFL team to lose all 16 regular season games.

On July 15, 2007 the Philadelphia Phillies became the first baseball team (in fact the first professional franchise) to lose ten thousand games. Even with that they advanced to the 2007 baseball playoffs when the New Mets had their famous collapse. 2008 had a lot of the same with the Phillies winning the NL East over the Mets who struggled once again in September. They then went on to defeat the Milwaukee Brewers (3-1) and Los Angeles Dodgers (4-1) for the NL Championship. Playing the upstart Tampa Bay Rays (they went from having the worst record in the American League in 2007 to winning the AL East and AL Championship in 2008) the Phillies won the World Series (4-1). This was the first sports championship for a team from Philadelphia since the NBA’s 76ers won in 1983.

Perhaps the most unusual story to come out of 2008 was the July 3rd marriage of Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. No they did not come back from the grave to be married. Ralph Archbold (66), who is an impersonator of Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross impersonator Linda Wilde (50) exchanged the vows of marriage in front of Independence Hall. Although there was a 45 year age difference between Franklin and Ross, it would have been possible for them to have married.


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