There She Is, Miss America

By | Dec 30, 2008

The man who is probably best known for singing There She Is, Miss America was born on December 30, 1914. Bertram Jacobson, or as he’s better know Bert Parks, was born on that day in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was the host of the annual telecast of the Miss America contest from Atlantic City from 1955, its second telecast, until he was let go in 1979. CBS was not one to carry on traditions and he was fired simply because they felt he was too old to be the host.

Other than his work with Miss America, Parks worked as a Radio Announcer and in the 1950s as a game show host.

He was the host of the pilot for the Hollywood Squares, which was filmed on April 21, 1965. The personalities in the squares were Cliff Arquette (in his “Charley Weaver” comic persona), Wally Cox, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, Abby Dalton, Jim Backus, Gisele MacKenzie, Robert Q. Lewis and Vera Miles.

In 1990 Parks was invited back to the Miss America contest on its 70th anniversary. While there were 25 former Miss Americas on stage he sang the signature song, There She Is, Miss America.

Parks died of lung cancer at the age of 77 in La Jolla, California on February 2, 1992.


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