The First and Last Flight for Dan Cooper

By | Nov 24, 2008

Who is or was Dan Cooper? No one knows, but everyone may be more familiar with the name D.B. Cooper, the man who hijacked Flight 305, and jumped out of the plane on November 23, 1971, Thanksgiving eve, with a ransom of $ 200,000, all in 20 dollar bills.

The hijacker never used the name D.B Cooper, that was created by a reporter who had incorrectly used the name D.B. Cooper. That name stuck and he has been called D.B. Cooper since. The name use by the hijacker was simply Dan Cooper.

The man calling himself Dan Cooper was a white male with olive colored skin. His age was estimated to be forty to fifty years old. He was about six foot tall weighting around 175 with dark hair hair that was slightly balding.

Even though there had been previous airline hijacks, airport security in 1971 was very much on the low side. It wasn’t hard for anyone to carry just about anything onto an airplane. Cooper carried on the plane, under his jacket and attached to himself, a package that resembled a bomb.

He had prepared notes. The first that he gave to flight attendant Florence Schaffner stated “I have a bomb in my briefcase. I will use it if necessary.” It also included demands for the money and two sets of parachutes to be delivered to the plane when it arrived in Seattle Washington.

The Plane left Seattle, after the ransom was delivered to the plane, with a flight plan first to Mexico, then after determining they could not reach Mexico under the flight parameters given by Cooper (slow speed under 200 miles per hours and at a height under 10,000 feet) it was agreed to stop at Reno, Nevada for a refueling stop. Cooper had other ideas and at 20:13 he jumped out of the plane somewhere over Southern Washington or Northern Oregon. At the time he departed the plane there was a heavy rainstorm and Cooper vanished into history.


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