80 Years of Mickey Mouse

By | Nov 18, 2008

The first Mickey Mouse sound cartoon was Steamboat Willie, released on November 18, 1928. Steamboat Willie, a parody of the Buster Keaton film Steamboat Bill Jr., is often listed as Mickey’s debut. This film was the first cartoon to feature Mickey Mouse that was widely distributed.

Earlier in 1928 Disney produced two silent cartoons that featured Mickey Mouse. The first Plane Crazy was released on May 15, 1928 and The Gallopin’ Gaucho released on August 7, 1928. Both of these would be remade and re-released with sound.

Mickey Mouse spoke his first words, “Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs!” on May 23, 1929 in the Disney cartoon short, The Karnival Kid.

Minnie Mouse has been around since the beginning, since she appeared as his love interest in Plane Crazy. As with many of the early cartoons this was a parody of the times with Mickey Mouse becoming an aviator just like Charles Lindbergh.

Mickey’s dog Pluto first appeared in The Chain Gang, produced in 1930 although he was much different than in later films. He was one of two unnamed bloodhounds. In the 1937 cartoon Moose Hunt he is called Pluto for the first time.

From his beginning in 1928 until 1935’s The Band Concert, the Mickey Mouse cartoons were in Black & White. This is with the exception of Parade of the Award Nominees specially made for the 1932 Academy Awards Banquet and has Mickey leading a parade of nominees. This appearance of Mickey Mouse was not meant for general public and until released on DVD was rarely seen. Mickey Mouse’s pants in this film were green and not the familiar Red.


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