Election Day

By | Nov 3, 2008

Election day is the day that citizens vote for the selection of a person or persons who will represent them in their government.  At times there may be special issues on the ballot that the voters will be able to decide the outcome.

The National Election day in the United States is the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday of November.  This is considered the General Election.  Other days are selected as primary elections in some areas.  Primary elections are those election where a political party selects their candidate for the General election. Municipalities may have their elections at other times throughout the year.

In 1845 the United States Congress, in a response to abuses, established the date for the National Election.

For Federal elections in the United States, In every even numbered year all members of the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the senate seats are up for election.  In years evenly divisible by 4 the President and Vice-President is up for election as well.

Everyone who is allowed to vote by law should register to vote and caste their ballot on Election Day.  This year’s National Election is November 4, 2008. Please take the time to vote.  Even the most minor election can impact the way you live.

The 2008 Election for the United States President will be a history maker. Depending on which party that wins, the United States will have a first. Either there will be the first African-American President or a woman will be Vice-President.


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