To bring warmth into your workspace.

By | Oct 22, 2008

Pictures of love ones
A smiling child or spouse will take your mind away from the pressures of work for a few seconds when you look upon them. As the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words.

Something of yours that brings peace to your life
If you enjoy painting, having one of yours hanging it the office can make you feel better. If you don’t paint, bring something that you enjoy.

Your favorite drink
Whether it’s coffee, tea, soda or your favorite mocha latte, having a comfortable drink nearby seems to make life less stressful. But spills do happen so it may be best to have it in a closeable travel mug.

Pens and pencils that you like
Many times office pens are a cheap ball points that never feel comfotable. By having your own it seems to make the task of writing with pen and paper more enjoyable.

A radio or MP3 player
When you are listening to the music you enjoy, things just seem to get done and the time will pass smoothly.

A timer
Sometimes you may only have a short period of time to get something accomplished, a timer may help get it done. Set the timer for 55 minutes and know you can take a short break when it goes off. If working at a computer, it’s best to take short breaks once an hour and the timer can help you remember those important breaks.


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