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By | Oct 21, 2008

Identify your audience
Is this for your boss? A colleague? Or, as sometimes happens, colleagues with both technical and non-technical backgrounds? Your tone and message will likely differ depending on your audience, and you may need to revise your writing to address specific audiences. You may need to craft different summaries for different readers. Depending on their experiences and knowledge what’s clear to you isn’t necessarily clear to them.

Determine Your Writing’s Objective or Goal
Knowing your goal will help you determine how to approach a piece of writing. You may approach someone differently if you are requesting information, or demanding an explanation.

Spell Out Words
Shorthand may be appropriate when Instant Messaging a colleague, but it’s not in an email.

Define Technical Terms in the Document
Not everyone may know the meaning of technical terms and placing the definitions in parentheses will help the reader understand and maintain the document’s flow.

Use Headings, Subheads and Bulleted Lists
These help you organize your writing and guide the readers to the points you are trying to present.

Read and reread your messages, especially those to managers and clients.


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