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By | Oct 20, 2008

It’s as popular as it ever was
Some people may feel that networking is “old school”, but in today’s ever changing business climate, it may actually be more important than ever.

Uncomfortable in Crowds and Can’t Network
Many people may be uncomfortable in crowds and believe that they can’t network. There are many different areas than going to a trade show to network with others, the Internet has given us the chance to network from afar via chat rooms and forums.

Network Always
If you understand that every chance encounter is a time to network, such as in line at a store or at the gym then you understand it’s not a time consuming effort. It just becomes a part of your ordinary life

Don’t be ashamed of small talk
Even if the initial conversational topic is about the weather or a good place to eat, you are getting to know one another and talking about business related items becomes easier.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Everyone at one time or another will get into a bind, and even if you think the question may be bothersome, it may not be to the one who you asked.

Give as well as receive
Offer to assist and respond promptly to any request you receive. One way to keep in touch is to forward relevant news articles and information. By doing this you will build a steady rapport with people as well as stay in touch.


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