When reaching a persons Voice Mail

By | Oct 19, 2008

Be prepared to leave a detailed message. It’s nice to have the bit of chit-chat with some one you are calling but be aware you may get voice mail and plan what you want to say before you call.

Speak clearly and slowly. Some people seem to speak faster when leaving messages on voice mail, and those are harder to understand.

Leave a concise message spelling out the reason for calling. If applicable leave referral names and mention mutual business associates. If you are delivering bad news don’t leave it via voice mail.

Always ask for a call back. Give a day and time you’d be available to receive their call.

Mention your name and phone number at the beginning and end of each message.

Allow a reasonable amount of time for them to call you back. Your question may be important, but calling back within the same hour and leaving another message just shows impatience.


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