Harry Houdini

By | Oct 31, 2008

Harry Houdini was born Erich Weiss in Budapest, Hungry March 24, 1874.  His father was a Rabbi. He had five brothers (Hardeen was also a magical performer) and a sister. In 1893 he met Beatrice “Bess” Raymond. She was a 16-year-old singer and dancer. The two fell in love and were married in July, three […]

Unusual Halloween Treats

By | Oct 30, 2008

Little Packets of instant Hot Chocolate This becomes a real treat on a cold evening. Microwave Popcorn Who doesn’t like popcorn and it doesn’t have the sugar that many treats have. Temporary Tattoos or Stickers Older kids love the tattoos and the younger ones will enjoy the stickers. Pencils Not just the plain yellow pencil, […]

Charlie Daniels turns 72

By | Oct 28, 2008

On October 28 country singer Charlie Daniels celebrates his 72nd birthday. he was born in 1936 in Wilmington North Carolina. He was a member of the 1970’s Southern Rock movement, although he rarely charted on the Rock charts. In 1973, Daniels had his first big hit, “Uneasy Rider.” The song, which he speaks more than […]

Halloween Facts

By | Oct 25, 2008

Halloween has many different names such as: All Hallows Eve, Samhain, All Hallowtide, The Feast of the Dead, Haloween and All Saints Eve. All Hallows Eve has its origins as a pagan celebration that dates backs over 2000 years. Celtic belief is that the dead come back for a visit on this day. The tradition […]

Email Etiquette

By | Oct 23, 2008

Be polite Some people will send an email with a demanding tone. Emails to friends are all right to be silly, but professional emails should always be professional. Address them as seems proper, if in doubt don’t use first names, but titles. If responding back to someone who signed off with their first name, it’s […]

To bring warmth into your workspace.

By | Oct 22, 2008

Pictures of love ones A smiling child or spouse will take your mind away from the pressures of work for a few seconds when you look upon them. As the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words. Something of yours that brings peace to your life If you enjoy painting, having one of yours […]

For Better Business Writing.

By | Oct 21, 2008

Identify your audience Is this for your boss? A colleague? Or, as sometimes happens, colleagues with both technical and non-technical backgrounds? Your tone and message will likely differ depending on your audience, and you may need to revise your writing to address specific audiences. You may need to craft different summaries for different readers. Depending […]

About Professional Networking

By | Oct 20, 2008

It’s as popular as it ever was Some people may feel that networking is “old school”, but in today’s ever changing business climate, it may actually be more important than ever. Uncomfortable in Crowds and Can’t Network Many people may be uncomfortable in crowds and believe that they can’t network. There are many different areas […]

When reaching a persons Voice Mail

By | Oct 19, 2008

Be prepared to leave a detailed message. It’s nice to have the bit of chit-chat with some one you are calling but be aware you may get voice mail and plan what you want to say before you call. Speak clearly and slowly. Some people seem to speak faster when leaving messages on voice mail, […]

1st Books of Vampire Series

By | Oct 14, 2008

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter – Guilty Pleasure – 1993 – Laurell K. Hamilton Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse) – Dead Until Dark – 2001 – Charlaine Harris Queen Betsy (The Undead Series) – Undead and Unwed – 2004 – Mary Janice Davidson The Dark Ones – A Girls Guide to Vampires – 2003 – Katie […]

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