Strange States Facts

By | Sep 27, 2008

The Pentagon located in Arlington County Virginia is the world’s largest office building. The official ground breaking for the building was on September 11, 1941.

The first patent on the Ouija or talking board (No. 446,054) was granted to Elijah Bond on February 10th 1891 and the trademark on the word Ouija (No. 18,919) granted to the Kennard Novelty Company on February 3rd, 1891. The Kennard Novelty Company was located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Washington DC was the first planned capital of a country. The original formation of the city was in the shape of a Diamond with parts of it donated to the United States by the states of Maryland and Virginia. The Virginia portion was ceded back to Virginia.

The White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island first opened for business in 1673. In 1708 the Tavern became “birthplace of the businessman’s lunch” as city councilors dined there and charged their meals to the public treasury. Although for a time the building was used as a boarding house, it has been restored as a working Tavern.

Bloomington Minnesota’s Mall of America has 2.5 million sq ft. of retail floor space with over 520 stores. It would take over 8 hours just to spend 1 minute in each of the stores.

The reason the Louisiana has parishes instead of counties is that they originally were Spanish church units. During the course of history, Louisiana was a colony of Spain, England and France before becoming part of the United States.


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