The Chicago Bears

By | Sep 14, 2008

The Chicago Bears were founded in Decatur, Ill as the Decatur Staleys in 1919. It was the company team of The A. E. Staley Co. In 1921 George Halas, who was hired in 1920 to run the team took over ownership of the team relocated them to Chicago and renamed them the Bears in 1922. They were one of the charter members of the National Football League. The Halas family still owns the team.

The Bears has won a total of 9 League Championship, 8 NFL (1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963) and 1 Super Bowl (1985). They have played in a total of 21 Championship games.

One of the Bears oldest and fiercest rivalry is with the Green Bay Packers,, dating to 1921 and have played them over 170 times. The Packers are the only team to have won more championships (12) than the Bears. The Bears even had the Packers expelled from the league to keep them from signing a player they wanted. After the Bears signed him, the Packers were readmitted.

In the 1940 Championship game in Washington against the favorite Washington Redskins, the Bears introduced a new offensive formation, the T-formation. The formation used two running backs instead of one. The game ended 73-0 and holds the record for most lopsided win in NFL history.

Even though the Bears had notable players, Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus, during the 60’s and 70’s they were not a very good team.

The 1985 Bears dominated the the NFL with a revolutionary defense. They only lost 1 game, that was to the Miami Dolphins on the 13th game of the year. They won Super Bowl XX against the New England Patriots 46-10.


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