The Indianapolis Colts

By | Sep 8, 2008

In an unpopular 1984 move the Colts left their longtime home in Baltimore to Indianapolis. Ironically the then Mayor of Indianapolis now resides in Maryland.

Although the Colts have appeared in two Super Bowls, III & V, the Indianapolis Colts appeared in their first after the 2006 season. It was the Baltimore Colts. Many of the players of those teams do not feel any allegiance to the Indianapolis Colts.

The NFL regards the Baltimore and Indianapolis Colts as one franchise dating to 1953. Many of the Baltimore Colts players and fans regard the pre-1984 Colts and the Baltimore Ravens as one. The fans in Baltimore was so upset with the Colts move that when the Art Modell owned Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore in 1996, they requested a new name for the team and allow Cleveland to keep the Browns history.

The Colt uniform has remained basically the same since the team’s official debut in 1953.

Peyton Manning is unquestioningly the greatest player to wear an Indianapolis Colts uniform. In 2004 he had what will probably be known as his best year breaking several single season passing records, including passing for 49 touchdowns. However his team has not been able to win the ‘big’ game.

After falling behind 21-3 in the AFC Championship game against New England, a team that has regularly dashed the hopes of Colts fans, They were able to mount a comeback to beat New England 38-34. They played against the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI on February 4, 2007 which they won 29-17.


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