More 50 in 2008

By | Aug 30, 2008

August 30, 1958 was the day that me, the author of 6 Things to Consider, Steven G. Atkinson was born. So as I reach one of those milestone years that ends in a zero I’ll list 6 more people who will be turning 50 between now and the end of 2008.

September 22nd: Joan Jett, Musician. I Love Rock and Roll.

October 23rd: Nancy Grace, Journalist. Cable TV Trial reporter and more.

December 1st: Candace Bushnell, Journalist. Sex in the City Author. As well as Charlene Tilton, American actress who played Lucy the young niece to JR and Bobby Ewing.

December 13th: Lynn-Holly Johnson, American ice skater and actress. She played the young ice skater who tried to seduce James Bond in For Your Eyes Only

December 31st: Bebe Neuwirth, American actress. Broadway musical star and played Lilith the wife/ex-wife of Fraiser.


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