The End of Summer

By | Aug 26, 2008

Depending on who you are and how technical you want to be there are three days that can be classified as the end of summer.

One of those days is the First Day of School. For many, including those who live in my area, the first day of school is August 25. I remember when I was a returning to school, I turn 50 on the 30th of August so I was returning to school in the late 60’s and 70’s, the First Day of School was a day that I looked forwarded to, but only for that first day.

Instant communications was the telephone and many families had one phone and when you called friends, it was a short conversation. A parent, either yours or your friend, would tell you to stop hogging the line and hangup, in case someone has an important reason to call. It was the days before Caller-ID and Call Waiting and that important call was always coming, but never came.

The first day of school was a day where you looked for old friends to see what they did during the summer. Then you’d check schedules and hoped that they were in some of your classes and lunch period. It was always good to have a friend with you in class.

Many friendships changed simply because of being in different classes and especially different lunch breaks. It was also the time to make new friends. Again, it was always good to have a friend with you in class.

Another of those days that many call the End of Summer is Labor Day and Labor Day weekend. When I was a kid, Labor Day and the First Day of School usually came one after the other. Labor Day on Monday and the First Day of School the following Tuesday. Now many school systems start the week before Labor Day.

This day was more like the End of Summer after leaving school and getting a job.

In many businesses, Summer seems to be less stressful than other times of the year. Everyone is either getting ready to go on vacation or coming back from vacation. Water Cooler conversation dealt with either coming or going, your’s or a co-worker. Once Labor Day hit, fewer people took vacations and it was three months of steady work until the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons began.

And for those who have the scientist in their blood, the real official End of Summer occurs at the autumnal equinox. For 2008 this arrives on September 22 at 15:44 UTC or 10:44 EDT. On this day and time the sun will be directly over the equator and we will have the same amount of day as we do night.

Let’s be sure not to miss this End of Summer.


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