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By | Aug 24, 2008

After Lamar Hunt had been turned down by the NFL for an expansion franchise in his hometown Dallas, Texas and he was only offered the chance to purchase 20 percent of the Chicago (Arizona) Cardinals he began thinking about creating a new football league. On August 14, 1959, the six team American Football League (AFL) was formed with teams in Dallas, New York, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. By the time of their first draft two more teams, Boston and Buffalo had also been given franchises.

Even though the Dallas Texans, the Texas name of the franchise was a successful team winning, they finished second in both of the first two years and won the championship in the third, it was obvious to Hunt that the city of Dallas could not sustain two teams. The NFL had given Dallas (Cowboys) a franchise after the AFL was formed. After the 1962, Hunt began looking for a city to move his team with the final decision being to move to Kansas City. The team name was changed to the Chiefs, although initially they were going to keep the name Texans.

In 1967 the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers played in the first AFL-NFL Championship game. Hunt had termed the game “Super Bowl”. He was inspired by his children’s Super Ball. It wasn’t until the third AFL-NFL World Championship Game that the name Super Bowl was officially used, although from the first the name Super Bowl was used by the media. They played in 2 of the first four Super Bowls winning one (IV) after losing the first one to the Packers after playing a close game in the first half. After they won Super Bowl IV, the two leagues merge into one league.

Even though they have not been to a championship game since they are still considered a fan favorite. They have had 149 straight home sell-outs, sure to be increased as the 2008 season begin, and since 1990 have a home won-lost record of 104-40. They play in the AFC Western Division.

There are a number of players that have played for the Chiefs that have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. The following uniform numbers have been retired; 16 Len Dawson, Quarterback, 1962—1975; 28 Abner Haynes, Running back, 1960—1964; 33 Stone Johnson, Running back, 1963 (Johnson died as a result of an injury suffered in preseason of his rookie year); 36 Mack Lee Hill, Running back, 1964—1965; 63 Willie Lanier, Linebacker; 1967—1977; 78 Bobby Bell, Linebacker, 1963—1974; 86 Buck Buchanan, Defensive tackle, 1963—1975. Number 18 worn by defensive back Emmitt Thomas will be retired on October 19, 2008.

Len Dawson 16 and Abner Haynes (28) are the only players to have worn those numbers for the Chiefs. The numbers 37 and 58 have not been worn since the deaths of Joe Delaney and Derrick Thomas and are considered unofficially retired.


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