More Strange or Unusual Olympic Events

By | Aug 21, 2008

One Hand Weightlifting
This event was held in each of the first three of the modern Olympic games of 1896, 2004 and 2008. Similar to the modern snatch event, lifters were required to lift the weigh with each hand one hand at a time. Winner was determined from the combined weigh lifted.

Swimming Obstacle Race
In 1900 the 200m Swimming Obstacle Race was held. The event required the competitors to climb over a pole, followed with a scramble over a row of boats, and then swim under another row of boats.

Also in 1900 Cricket was played in the games. Only two teams competed, one from England and the other from France. England won the one and only cricket game that has ever been played as a official Olympic sport.

1900 must have been a year where just about any games that could have been played was. Croquet has only been an official sport in that year. The French won all of the metals, One Ball Singles, Doubles (only Gold), Singles and Singles Handicap (only Gold). France was the only country to have competitors in the events.

Rope Climb
Rope Climbing was held as part of the gymnastics program in 1896, 1904, 1906, 1924 and 1932. In this event the competitors in a seated position on the floor, and used only the hands and arms climbed a suspended vertical rope.

Tug of War
In each of the games held from 1900 to 1920 one of the events was the Tug of War. Each team had 8 members with the pull lasting for 5 minutes. After the time the one who pulled farther won. If 6 feet the team won regardless of the elapsed time.


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