Top Songs from the End of the Decade – 1979

By | Aug 9, 2008

At the end of the 1970’s Disco may have begun to fade, but it was still very popular in 1979. The Number 6 top song of the decade was one that turned into an anthem for women. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

Donna Summer was the Queen of Disco and 1979 was one of her greatest year. Her song Hot Stuff comes in at Number 5.

Peaches and Herb had been around since 1967. While Herb was always Herb Fame (born Herbert Feemster) there has been five different Peaches. Peaches from 1977 until 1983 was Linda Greene. Reunited was their biggest song together and was the 4th best song of 1979.

If it hadn’t been for Elton John, Rod Stewart may have been the top act of the ’70’s having a number of tops songs during the decade. 1979 was no different with his disco inspired song Do Ya Think I’m Sexy at Number 3.

Donna Summer had two of the top songs of 1979 with Bad Girls as the second best song of the year.

During the decade of the ’70’s there were a number of acts that had big debut songs and were called the new coming of the Beatles. The Knack hit the scene running but they never were able to match the success of their first release, which also was the Top song of 1979, My Sharona.

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