Dover, Delaware – A Capital City

By | Jul 30, 2008

Dover, is the county seat of Kent County, Delaware. A neighboring county is Kent County, Maryland which makes its one of the few counties in the United States to border a county of another state with the same name.

Dover not only is the county seat for Kent County it also serves as the State Capital of Delaware. It was established and named by William Penn in 1683 as the court town for the newly established county with the state moving its capital there from Wilmington in 1777 so to have the capital more centrally located. Since Wilmington sat on the Delaware River, a major water route during Colonial times, it was also thought that Dover would be safer from British raiders.

Dover Air Force Base is located in Dover and at times you can see a giant military cargo plane flying along with shorebirds. The base was started in March of 1941 as a municipal airport, but was turned over to the Army Air Corp shortly after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. It is one of the largest military freight terminals in the world.

Twice a year Dover is the host of NASCAR for exciting weekends of racing at the Monster Mile. The track is a unique dual-purpose facility. It was designed to accommodate both horse as well as auto racing.

Dover’s Georgian style State House, which dates to 1792, is one of the nations oldest.

The city is the home of many museums. At the Museum of Small Town Life, visitors to the museum will feel as if they traveled back in time to the late 19th Century.


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