Top Songs of the Disco Era

By | Jul 12, 2008

Near the end of the Disco Era, Casey Kasem’s America Top 40 did a countdown of the top songs of the Era. This is where this list originated. these are songs that living through the Era, are hard not to know and in some ways remember. But for me I continued to listen to Rock, enjoying the tunes of Chicago, Heart and Punk Rock bands such as Blondie.

At number 6 is the song that for many women then and for the 30 years since has become an anthem, Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. It was originally the ‘B’ side of a single until Disc Jockeys began playing this instead of the ‘A’ side Substitute.

During the Disco Era it seems as if there was nothing that couldn’t be recorded with a Disco beat. Movie themes such as Star Wars and others were recorded by Disco artists. But one of the most creative and popular was Walter Murphy taking Beethoven’s 5th Symphony turning it into A Fifth of Beethoven and became the Fifth most popular song.

Some of the most popular Disc songs also were One Hit Wonders. Songs by groups who only had one big hit and the 1977 song Best of My Love by The Emotions coming in at number 4 was their biggest hit.

The Bee Gees had started as a ballad singing group in the late 1960’s and in 1975 began doing more rhythmic disco style songs. In 1977 they were asked to do the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever, the single movie that shows the Disco Era and continue with the Disco craze. From this record and movie came the third and second most popular Disco songs. Who doesn’t remember the opening with John Travolta walking down the street with Staying Alive playing or his dancing to the second most popular song, Night Fever.

And at number 1 was a song that was also one of the most popular dance moves of the Era. Le Freak by the funk group Chic. This song, the biggest selling single on Atlantic Records, was the first song to reach the Billboard number 1 spot three times. In December 1978, January 1979 it was twice knocked out of the Number 1 spot only to reclaim it later.


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