West Virginia

By | Jun 20, 2008

June 20th is celebrated as West Virginia Day in West Virginia. It was on that day in 1863 that the State of West Virginia, during the Civil War, broke away from Virginia and was admitted in the the Union becoming the 35th United State.

Soon Virginia voted to secede from the union on April 17, 1681, the western delegates decided to meet themselves. They call for a convention in Wheeling to begin on May 13, 1861. It was decided during this first Wheeling Convention that counties of Northwestern Virginia would secede from Virginia. A second Wheeling Convention was held beginning on June 11 with a government selected, including governor, a legislature and Senators who was recognized at Washington, D.C with in practice but not officially two state governments. One that was loyal to the United States and the other to the Confederate States.

Even though it was admitted to the Union in 1863, many felt that the process was probably unconstitutional, but during a time of War it was accepted. After the War ended in 1865 and Virginia was readmitted into the union, Virginia filed a suit to have West Virginia declared part of Virginia again. In 1870 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of West Virginia and it has remained a state of the United States separate from Virginia.

West Virginia is known as the Mountain State. It sits entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range, and all of its areas are mountainous.

The 2000 census population of West Virginia is 1,808,344 ranking it as the 37th in the US. In size at 24,230 Square Miles ranks as 41th in size. For the Presidential Election it holds 5 Electoral votes.

The famous Hatfield-McCoy feud involved two warring families of the West Virginia-Kentucky backcountry along the Tug Fork River. The McCoy’s lived mostly on the West Virginia side of the river while the Hatfield’s live on the Kentucky side.


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