Accidential Celebrity

By | Jun 7, 2008

Frank Purdue
Frank Purdue was a chicken farmer from the eastern shore of Maryland town of Salisbury. In 1971 in an effort to spread word of his chicken into the New York area he was convinced by his advertising company to be the spoke person for his company.

Orville Redenbacher
Redenbacher spent his early life developing his popping corn. He also was a great promoter appealing in ads for his popcorn in the early 70’s. But in the 80’s with his trademark bowtie he gained fame. At first many felt that he was an actor and to show people he was a real person he appeared on various talk shows.

Dave Thomas
Thomas opened his first restaurant that he called Wendy’s in 1968. By 1982 the chain has grown and he decided to resign his day-to-day operations. But due to mistakes and decreasing sales he came back. In 1989, he took on a significant role as the TV spokesman. His folksy style and his relaxed pitch for his restaurants he soon became a household name.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck
In some ways you can say that she was striving for fame since she appeared on Survivor. She appeared on the second edition as it was developing. But from the show she was the most popular female of the season and finished 4th. In 2003 she was asked to guest host for outgoing Lisa Ling and ended up being selected as her replacement.

Rob and Amber
Both Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich were in early seasons of Survivor, Amber in the 2nd and Rob in the 4th. It was their appearance on the Survivor All-Stars that they fell in love with one another and the viewers fell in love with them. Since then they have been Reality Superstars appearing on two Amazing Races, Poker competition and even their marriage was a reality special.

Rachael Ray
In her early twenties Rachael worked in the gourmet food industry in New York. During the holidays at the gourmet food company where she was a purchaser Rachael offered cooking classes for her company including a course showcasing 30 minute Mediterranean Meals. A representative of a local CBS station saw that show and they hired her do a weekly segment after the news about making 30-minute meals. The concept caught on and Rachael Ray was on her way.


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