Summer Energy Savings

By | May 6, 2008

1) During daylight hours keep the windows covered to help keep the heat out. In the winter you would want to allow the sun to shine bright in the house, it helps to warm the house, but in the summer the sun would make the cooling system work harder.

2) Change incandescent light bulbs to lower wattage Compact Florescent Light Bulbs. Not only will you be using less energy for the same amount of light, CFL bulbs generate less heat helping the cooling system.

3) A reasonable comfortable level for keeping the area is 76-80 degrees. Each degree your raise the thermostat can result in 3% savings on cooling.

4) Keep the filters clean. By keeping them clean the air will flow easier and be more efficient.

5) Make sure the cooling system is working properly by having it checked by a professional. The System may appear to be working, but actually using more energy if it’s not working efficiently.

6) Is your cooling system old? It may be time to replace it with a newer high efficiency model. It’s possible that you may be eligible for a manufacturer’s rebate or tax credit. Explore the options.

For more on Energy Saving go to More than Switching Off The Lights a website with useful tips on conserving energy.


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