Plastic Bags

By | Apr 25, 2008

Each year more than 380 billion plastic shopping bags are produced just for use in the United States.

Less than 35% of these bags are recycled. The rest will be thrown away, either to pollute the landscape on put in landfills.

Plastic bags are generally made from polyethylene and will take over 1,000 years to biodegrade in landfills. During this time they will emit harmful gases.

It’s easy to reduce the use of plastic bag, take a cloth bag or one made from plant-based materials to use each time you go to the store. Paper bags are just as harmful as to the environment as plastic, so the best choice between Paper and Plastic is to bring your own.

Chemicals commonly used by the plastic industry [propylene, phenol, ethylene, polystyrene, and benzene] are ranked as the chemicals that generate the most hazardous waste.

Countries that have banned or taken action to discourage the use of plastic bags include Australia, Bangladesh, Ireland, Italy, South Africa and Taiwan. Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, also has banned the bags.


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