Charlton Heston

By | Apr 6, 2008

Over this past weekend on April 5, the actor, political activist, former screen actor’s guild and NRA president, Charlton Heston’s life came to an end. I imagine everyone will be doing something about him and his life, he was born 84 years ago on October 4, 1923, and I’m joining in. But instead of doing a list of his best know movies, I thought I do a list of his lesser known roles.

Along with Moses and Ben-Hur, many will be talking about his role as the Astronaut George Taylor in the 1968 film Planet of the Apes. He also appeared in the 2001 remake, playing this time one of the Apes in the role of Zaius.

He was the narrator of many projects on the 1990’s. One of the earliest narrations came in 1994 with the mini-series Texas.

Heston played the role of Jason Colby for three episodes in the TV series Dynasty and continued in the role when The Colby’s was turned into a TV series.

The 1970’s was a time when Heston played roles in disaster movies such as Earthquake, Skyjacked and Airport 1975. He also played the role of Cardinal Richelieu in 1973 in The Three Musketeers and its 1974 sequel The Four Musketeers.

One of Heston’s first roles was in the 1950 film Julius Caesar playing Marc Antony. He would play the role again in the 1970 version of Julius Caesar and then again two years later in Antony and Cleopatra.


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