Finishing 3rd on American Idol

By | Mar 29, 2008

Many of us would be able to come up with the winners and the runner ups in the six American Idol shows, even though we may not recall who was 1st and whom was 2nd. But other than last season, it was Melinda Doolittle, not too many would recall who came in third. Well here they are.

Season 1, third place went to Nikki McKibbin. McKibbin released her debut album in 2007 and followed it up with a tour.

Season 2, Kimberly Locke came in 3rd. For an extra bonus, Josh Gracin was 4th.

Season 3, which was the first that I followed, it was Jasmine Trias who came in third.

Season 4, this was one of their finest groups and Vonzell Solomon came in third behind Bo Brice and Carrie Underwood.

Season 5, this season had three strong singers in the final three with Elliott Yamin finishing third.


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