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By | Mar 17, 2008

When The Who released their sixth studio album in 1971, it wasn’t anything like what Pete Townsend imagined when they began. After the success of Tommy and their concert series of 1969 and 1970, Pete Townsend began working on a film/album project that he called Lifehouse.

In March of 1971, The Who began recording sessions for the Lifehouse album in New York with producer Kit Lambert. There were frictions between Lambert and Townsend and the Lifehouse project was abandoned. The group decided to create a traditional rock album. Some of the songs were carried forward to create what many feel is The Who’s best album as well as one of the best albums of rock, Who’s Next.

There is not a bad song on the original release. Even the least played songs of the album, Love Ain’t for Keeping, Song is Over and the John Entwhistle penned My Wife are familiar tunes to fans and casual fans of the group.

Two songs from this album is known by nearly all because of their use as the theme songs for two of the CSI series. But even before their use they were popular songs. Baba O’Riley, sometimes called Teenage Wasteland, is heard at the beginning of CSI:NY. Another song on the album, Behind Blues Eyes, had been considered for the show’s theme, before Baba O’Riley was chosen.

The first song I heard from the album was the three and half minute single release of the song Won’t Get Fooled Again. That version blew me away. When I discovered that the album’s version was over eight minutes, I had to hear it. It was even better. Won’t Get Fooled Again is the song that is heard as the theme for CSI:Miami.

Won’t Get Fooled Again has been played at possibly every concert of the group since 1971. It was one of the songs the band played at the Concert for New York after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, Live 8 and Live Aid. The line, won’t get fooled again, is not part of the song’s lyrics. The line sung is, don’t get fooled again.


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