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By | Mar 13, 2008

There are all type of books on the market. Maybe you are fond of fiction. That’s one of the biggies. Check out the novels of John D. MacDonald and Stephen King, two of my favorites. For mysteries there’s Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe and many others. For Science Fiction a good place to start would be Isaac Asimov. You could also check out his non-fiction. There are plenty of new books published each and every day.

They may not be as popular as they once were, but there still are plenty to be found. The short articles and other topics are great for those short free periods.

Television and Radio news are great for a quick fix, but newspapers still are a good source for more detailed information. In some places local newspapers may be the only or best source for what’s happening in the area.

It doesn’t matter where you go, you are bombarded with advertising. Yes there’s advertising in the magazines and newspapers, it’s the major source of their income, but you can see advertising in many other places. There’s advertising signs in stores, on billboards and even at ball games. Even road signs are a form of advertising, they tell you when to stop, what speed to go or dangers that may be ahead.

Food and other products are required to have labels. Some of it may not be understood, but it can be required reading. Don’t want Trans-Fats, check the label. How much sugar or salt (sodium) is in the product? It’s all there.

Each of the above and more can be found on the internet. There are web pages on just abut every imaginable subject. Some of the information may be ramblings from uninformed people, but it’s there to be read. Remember you read it here, as well as reading this on the internet.


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