Childhood Obesity

By | Mar 12, 2008

Obesity is a major factor in Type II Diabetes. Diabetes is a serious condition that may require injections of insulin and cause an inability of wounds to heal, cause blindness or jokes. Childhood diabetes many times is causes by obesity and the lack of exercise and poor diet.

Children who are overweight many times have low self-esteem and are commonly teased or bullied by other children.

Because of the way they are treated by others, overweight children often suffer from depression and have feelings of self-loathing. Depression can also be caused lack of exercise and inappropriate stimulation of brain chemicals that balances mood.

Many obese children do not get enough sleep. Lack of exercise can inhibit the production or chemicals that promote sleep. Obesity can make it difficult to breath in certain position also causing sleep disruption.

Skin disorders on overweight and obese children are more possible because of skin folds on their body, legs or arms.

Childhood obesity is likely to become adult obesity with lifelong health and emotional problems.


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