Email Hi-Jacked and Spam Messages Sent

By | Mar 2, 2008

Apparently beginning sometime in the early morning hours of February 22, 2008, someone used the domain name to send a Spam email. This email was not generated from this domain email address nor was it generated from anyone associated with

Even though it did not come from me, I apologize for the inconsiderate person who believes it is their right to send email messages that look as if they come from sites that aren’t their own.

For the month of March, will have all items in its CafePress store a discount off of the usual prices.  The discount has already been applied to the prices. Get your stuff now before the prices increase on April 1st.

I just hope that anyone who received the email will understand that this site was not a party to the email and people will continue to visit it.

Steven G. Atkinson


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