Take Me Out to The Ball Game

By | Mar 31, 2008

Another baseball season is about to begin. One hundred years ago the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, Their second in a row. They’ve been trying to have a repeat series win every year since. It was also in 1908 that the song, Take Me Out to The Ball Game was written. Jack Norworth was […]

Baseball – The National Pastime

By | Mar 30, 2008

The 2008 season starts tonight, March 30, 2008, with a game against the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies on ESPN. OK, the season actually began in Japan earlier in the week when the Oakland A’s and Boston Red Sox played a two game series. As some of you may guess, at least those who […]

Finishing 3rd on American Idol

By | Mar 29, 2008

Many of us would be able to come up with the winners and the runner ups in the six American Idol shows, even though we may not recall who was 1st and whom was 2nd. But other than last season, it was Melinda Doolittle, not too many would recall who came in third. Well here […]

When Using a Cell Phone While Driving

By | Mar 27, 2008

1) Use a hands-free phone. Many locations require the use of a hands-free device when using a cell phone while driving. 2) Always dial while the car isn’t moving. Use speed dialing as much as possible. 3) Never use the phone in heavy traffic or bad weather. 4) Never look up phone numbers while driving. […]

The Arbuckle Trial

By | Mar 24, 2008

When Roscoe Arbuckle left Los Angles to enjoy the 1921 Labor Day weekend in San Francisco he was at the top. He had just signed a million dollar a year contract with Paramount Pictures and he was more recognizable than the President of the United States. Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle known by many by his character […]


By | Mar 21, 2008

Burlesque is a direct descendant of the Commedia dell’arte. In this form of entertainment principal characters would carry a “burle”, a stick with a padded end, with which they would slap the other players for comic effect. This also formed the origin of “slapstick” comedy. Burlesque means “imitation”. Burlesque encompasses pastiche, parody, and wit. The […]

March Madness

By | Mar 20, 2008

In basketball terms March Madness is the NCAA basketball tournaments to decide the national champion. For the Men it begins today, March 20 and for the Women two days later on March 22. After 63 games each the men’s national champion will be crowned on April 7 at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio. On […]

Easter Movies

By | Mar 19, 2008

Not everyone like movies with religious overtones, but some of the best movies ever made deal with religion and the Easter story. One of the best of these would be the Greatest Story Ever Told produced in 1965 starring Max von Sydow as Jesus. The movie also had Charlton Heston as John the Baptist and […]

The Who’s – Who’s Next

By | Mar 17, 2008

When The Who released their sixth studio album in 1971, it wasn’t anything like what Pete Townsend imagined when they began. After the success of Tommy and their concert series of 1969 and 1970, Pete Townsend began working on a film/album project that he called Lifehouse. In March of 1971, The Who began recording sessions […]

Screen formats (Aspect Ratios) for motion pictures

By | Mar 15, 2008

1.33:1 – Standard television screen. 1.37:1 – Movies made prior to the 1950’s when wide-screen formats were introduced. 1.66:1 – Popular wide-screen format in the 50’s and 60’s. 1.78:1 – Format of 16×9 that’s on HDTV sets. 1.85:1 – Popular format for many movies. 2.35:1 – Super widescreen format used by many movie ‘epics’.

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