The Affairs of Presidents

By | Feb 22, 2008

Over the course of United States history there has been rumors and even documented evidence that presidents are people. And they have at times taken a lover who was not their wife. The latest has been with the report that John McCain may have had one, but there’s no doubt that Bill Clinton was not always the faithful husband.

Even though Clinton without a doubt had sexual relations with the governmental aide Monica Lewinsky. But it was more the fact that he lied in a Grand Jury hearing than his affair that caused him problems.

John F. Kennedy has been linked with a few women as possible lovers during his days as President and while he was a Senator. One of the names that is often mention is Judith Campbell Exner. Had it not been for a U.S Senate Intelligence Committee summons that compelled her to testify about her relationship with the president, it may have quietly faded into history.

Lucy Mercer may have been a long time mistress to Franklin D. Roosevelt. For the last 29 years of their life together, Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor is thought to have not slept together in the same bed. Roosevelt turned to his wife’s Social Secretary Lucy Mercer. Even after that relationship ended, partly due to Roosevelt mother’s financial threats when he wanted to get a divorce and marry Lucy, he may have had an affair for twenty years with his private secretary Missy LeHand. After LeHand’s death in 1944, Roosevelt turned again to Lucy Mercer. Mercer was at Warm Springs when Roosevelt died, but left before the press and Eleanor arrived.

It was during the campaign of 1884 that Grover Cleveland was discovered to have had fathered an illegitimate child by a prostitute. Cleveland admitted to it being true and stated that he was supporting the child and mother financially. He won the election in 1884 and again in 1892.

While not technically a mistress, since his wife had already died, Thomas Jefferson is said to have had a long affair with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings. A DNA test taken in 1997 showed that Jefferson was likely the father of her youngest son, Eston. In fact it’s a possibility that he was the father of all of her six children, the oldest born in 1795. Eston Hemings was born in 1808 and he may have been born with the name Thomas Eston Hemings, but he did go by Anston Jefferson and lived as a white man later in his life.


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