Beautiful Women and Their Sci-Fi Roles

By | Jan 28, 2008

There has always been beautiful women in the movies and many of them have appeared in sexy roles. But it seems as if when you add a beautiful woman in a meaningful Science Fiction role it can be a great experience. Wasn’t it her title role in Barbarella that helped make Jane Fonda a star?

I’m not sure how many reading this will remember the 1980’s mini-series V, its sequel and finally the regular series, but the dark haired Jane Badler made it seem exciting that the aliens were just out for a quick lunch. (Thinking about V gives me a idea for a future 6 Things to Consider article)

Speaking of TV and female roles let’s not forget the original Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner. I always thought that she was much prettier than The Six Million Dollar Man Lee Major’s real wife at the time, Farrah Fawcett.

Summer Glau makes a sexy Terminator in the new series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it was Kristanna Loken who first put the feminine features into a Terminator. Not to mention Linda Hamilton as the original Sarah Connor. She was a real bad ass.

Star Trek from its beginnings had sexy female characters in real roles. Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura was not only a strong woman’s role, but also a black woman. Then there’s Grace Whitney as Yeoman Rand and let’s not forget Majel Barrett. She was Nurse Chapel in the series, but before that she was casted as the original 2nd in command Number 1 in the original pilot. Then she Boldly went into a marriage with Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry remaining as his wife (and the voice of the Enterprise’s computer) until his death. The later Enterprises also had their strong, beautiful women.

And then there’s the SciFi channel’s production of Battlestar Galatica. While you may not agree with the concept that Starbuck and Boomer are now women, there’s no doubt that Grace Park as Boomer and Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck makes fighter pilots sexy.


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