To Have in Preparation of a Winter Storm

By | Dec 29, 2007

1) Have a flashlight, battery powered radio and clock. Make sure you also have plenty of fresh batteries to support these devices for a couple of days.

2) Have a telephone that does not need electric to operate. Many people only have a cordless telephone and those do not work without electric.

3) Have at least a 3-day supply of fresh water and non-perishable food. Again if the electric power is out, have an old-fashioned hand operated can opener, since electric ones will not be operable.

4) If operating a generator, be sure to run it in well vented area, preferably outside. Even running it in the garage with the doors open could cause carbon dioxide to enter the house.

5) Have extra blankets or sleeping bags in case the electric power does fail.

6) Have important numbers handy, in case you need to make telephone notifications in the dark. Having the repair number for the power company is one such number.



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