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By | Dec 28, 2007

1. The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need To Know To Succeed In Your Small Business by Steven D. Strauss. From Amazon – Book Description – Whether you’re a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, The Small Business Bible is a comprehensive, easy-to-read, A-to-Z library of everything you might need to know. Not only does it teach new entrepreneurs what works and what doesn’t—giving them scores of tips, hints, insider information, and secrets of success—its also a reliable, valuable, and insightful resource for established business owners who want to help their businesses continue to grow and succeed. The book covers all aspects of small business operations and strategies, and includes straightforward information on almost every topic. Plus, you’ll find secrets of great entrepreneurs, a wealth of online resources, real-life success stories, and cutting-edge strategies that work.

2. Personal Finance For Dummies, 5th edition by Eric Tyson & Jim Shell. From Amazon – Book Info – Shows readers how to get their small business off the ground but also how to nurture its growth and ensure its survival.

3. How to Write a Business Plan by Mike McKeever. From Amazon – Description -“Author, teacher and financial manager Mike McKeever shows readers how to write the business plan and loan package necessary to finance a new or expanding business and make it work. He helps readers make realistic financial projections, develop effective marketing strategies and refine overall business goals. With How to Write a Business Plan, entrepreneurs learn how to: · evaluate the profitability of a business idea · estimate operating expenses · prepare cash flow, profit and loss forecasts · determine assets, liabilities and net worth · find potential sources of financing · think first before borrowing from friends and relatives · present your plan to lenders and investors”

4. Keeping the Books: Basic Recordkeeping and Accounting for the Successful Small Business (Keeping the Books) by Linda Pinson. From Amazon – Book Description – The premier resource for basic bookkeeping and business record management, Keeping the Books is a comprehensive, yet down to earth, treatment of one of the most important, yet often neglected, aspects of running a business. User-friendly and packed with easy-to-understand illustrations, worksheets, and forms, this popular financial reference tool is completely updated, and replete with the variety of IRS forms that entrepreneurs have to be familiar with. From updating car and transportation expenses to exploding the myths around independent contractors, the author presents everything a small company needs to know to maintain proper records.

5. 365 Answers About Human Resources for the Small Business Owner: What Every Manager Needs to Know About Work Place Law by Mary B. Holihan. From Amazon – Product Description – Finally there is a complete and up-to-date resource for the small business owner. Tired of high legal and consulting fees? This new book is your answer! Detailed are over 300 common questions employers have about employees and the law; it’s like having an employment attorney on your staff. Topics include: equal employment opportunity, age discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), workers or applicants with AIDS, unacceptable job performance, termination, substance abuse, drug and alcohol testing, safety, harassment, compensation policies, job classifications, recordkeeping, overtime, employee performance evaluations, wage and salary reviews, payroll deductions, reduction in wages, pay periods, payroll advances, wage garnishment, severance pay, unemployment compensation, operating policies, ethical standards, open-door policy, suggestions and customer feedback, smoke-free workplace, dress code, work schedule, flexible scheduling, telecommuting, absenteeism, tardiness, confidentiality, employee privacy, electronic communication, responsible use of equipment, e-mail and Internet, prohibited content, copyrighted materials, responsible use of cell phones, security procedures, telephone usage, use of company vehicles, solicitation for outside causes, outside employment, personnel files, release of information, access to files, possession of weapons, improper personal conduct, company benefits, time off, holidays, vacations, sick leave policies, bereavement, jury duty, education and training, leaves of absence, Family and Medical Leave Act, personal or medical leaves not required by law, military leave, insurance, on-the-job accidents or injuries, medical/life insurance, flexible benefit plans, pension, and profit sharing.

6. Ok I admit this is pure Self-promotion – Technology Tips for Small Business by Steven G. Atkinson. From Amazon – Book Description Technology has changed the way we do business. Once all a business needed was a telephone and a Fax machine. Now if you aren’t on the Internet, you are thought to be ancient. Small Business owners and managers have enough problems without worrying about technology. These tips written by a Telecommunications professional, with over 25 years of experience, can help assist them. Included are over 55 tips and information on Telecommunications, Cell Phones, VoIP, Security and Other Stuff. Technology Tips for Small Business – Website for the Book

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