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By | Dec 15, 2007

Paganism is an umbrella term to describe pagan religions. Wicca is one of those, as is Hellensimos, Asatry and Kemeticism. It is a worship of deities.

Wicca is a practice of witchcraft, but not all witches are Wiccans or even pagan.

There are 8 holidays during the Wiccan, and generally Pagan, year. Those are Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve), Yule (December 25), Imbolc (February 2), Ostara (Spring), Beltane (May Day), Midsummer, Lugnasadl (August 1), and Mabon (Fall).

Pagans and Wiccans do not believe in Satan or the devil. Satan is part of the One Deity faith while Pagan beliefs relate to many Gods.

Wicca is a modern religion having been introduced by Gerald Gardner in 1954 in a published work on witchcraft.

Fictional depiction such as The Craft and Charmed usually do not present an accurate of Wiccan beliefs and practices. They should be considered Fiction and not taken as fact.


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