The Business Lunch

By | Dec 6, 2007

The business lunch can be a good way to get a lot of business accomplished, but it can also be a disaster if some things aren’t considered.

1) Once it was common for business associates to get together for what was termed the ‘3 Martini Lunch’. Those times are long gone and ordering alcohol during a lunch is not a good thing. However an evening meal, a light beverage may be alright, but no more than a glass of wine during dinner.

2) Remember this is a business meeting and not a social event. Light social topics are acceptable. But most of the conversation should relate to the business purpose of the meeting. And even if it does seem social, business associates generally don’t desire to be social away from business.

3) Begin the Business Meeting at the office and then move it to a restaurant. Picking the restaurant is important too. It should be one that is business friendly, not too loud, but also one that’s not overly expensive.

4) Treat the restaurant staff with the same courtesy and respect that you have for your guest. Being nice with the guest, but nasty to the wait staff, even when it’s deserved, could be a deal spoiler.

5) Order what you want, but keep it reasonable.  Select something that is in the mid of pricing.  If you are the guest you may want to wait until after your host orders.

6) Know who is paying before sitting.  Are you the host? The Guest?  Does one party think it’s ‘pay for your own’? No one wants to be stuck with the bill when they don’t expect it.


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