Same Name; Different Person

By | Nov 28, 2007

1)   Anne Hathaway

  • American Actress
  • Wife of William Shakespeare

2)   Michael Jackson

  • American Singer
  • American Football player in the 1990’s
  • (born 1940), New Zealand, professor of social anthropology and writer
  • (born 1936), developer of software development methods
  • 20th century), chairman and CEO of AutoNation
  • (born 1960), British writer, known for The Underground Man

3)   Muhammad Ali

  • American Boxer (1942-) original name Cassius Clay
  • Viceroy of Egypt (1769-1849)
  • Pakistani Actor (1928-2006) Spelled Mohammad
  • Pakistani Cricket player (1975-) Also spelled Mohammad

4)   Twice in American history there has been Presidents with the same name, each time it was a father then a son.

  • John Adams
  • John (Quincy) Adams
  • George (Herbert Walker) Bush
  • George (Wilson) Bush

5)   Stephen King

  • Stephen King, an American author
  • Steve King (radio), an American radio personality
  • Stephen King (conservationist), a New Zealand conservationist
  • Steve King, a U.S. Representative from Iowa
  • Steve King, an American football player
  • Steven King (footballer), an Australian football player
  • Steven King (ice hockey), an American hockey player
  • Stephen King (paedophile), a British convict

6)   Steve Atkinson

  • Steve Atkinson – News Co-Anchor KGTV San Diego
  • Steve Atkinson (1948-2003) Hockey player
  • Steve Atkinson – Artist, living in Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Steven G. Atkinson (Yours Truly)


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