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By | Nov 23, 2007

1) Create an on-line shopping email account.
You may not want to use your regular email account for on-line shopping, since when entering an email address this does give the seller the right to send other promotional information.

2) Use secure Internet connections.
You don’t want to shop using public computer like one at the library. It’s possible that others could see personal information. Also check that your session to the seller is ‘locked’. You can do this by checking to see that there is a closed padlock displayed somewhere on the browser. It may also be checked by looking at the web address. Those using https are secure while those with http are not.

3) Pay by credit card.
There are more consumer protections available when using a credit card. Under federal law there is a maximum $50.00 liability for unauthorized charges. If the good do not arrive or in a damaged condition you may also dispute the charges through the credit card company.

4) Do not send personal information via email.
Email is not a secure form of communication. Information such as Credit Card or Social Security numbers should never be sent through email.

5) Check and understand the terms.
These terms should detail information such as warranty, right of return, ship fee and time and other information about the sale. Keep records of the terms, date of sale, promise shipping and any other information about the sale.

6) If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
The best sites to use are those that you trust. If you or your friends haven’t heard or shopped at the site, and it doesn’t feel right, shop elsewhere. There are plenty of honest locations, but there are those that are only out to get your money.


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