Electronic gadget to give as a gift

By | Nov 22, 2007

1) A digital camera. Digitals cameras now can be purchased inexpensively that will give good to great printed photos. Recommendation is for the camera to have no less than 6 mega pixels and 3X optical zoom.

2) Memory card. If you know someone who already has a digital camera, give a memory card. The cost for these have been steadily decreasing and for less than $ 25 one of a GB or greater can be gotten for many cameras. Just be sure that the memory card is the correct one.

3) Portable disk drive. As with the memory card, a portable drive can be gotten for a reasonable price. Having one of those will allow the recipient to have his data with him at all time.

4) A MP3 player. Everyone has music that they would want to listen to while waiting, give a MP3 player and no one will be alone. You can even download news broadcast and TV shows onto some of them.

5) If you have a young person to purchase a gift for, all three of the major video game manufacturers have released new systems. These however may be hard to find and they aren’t inexpensive.

6) A gift card from an electronic outlet. This will allow the person getting the gift to get what they want or need.


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