When in charge of the office party.

By | Nov 19, 2007

For the Thanksgiving Week I am reposting a series of posts from last December dealing with the Holiday Season.  This one deals with things to consider after you’ve been put in charge of the Office Holiday Party.

1) Consider the diversity of the employees. An office party should reflect the team and having an overly religious theme often times may not be appropriate.

2) Schedule the party when it’s best for all. Some of the employees may not be able to attend an evening or weekend party. It may be best to have one just after the close of business or as an extended lunch.

3) Schedule the party in advance. Having the date and time on people schedule make it easy for them do scheduling for other things.

4) Clearly let all involve know who is invited. If it’s a family party, make sure that it’s part of the invitation and that there are family friendly activities.

5) Plan an event that reflects well on the company. If alcohol will be available look out for the interest of the employee as well as the company.

6) If there will be announcements or awards presented let everyone know what time they will be presented. Those who may only want to stay a short period will know the critical time to attend.


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