Having in your car during the winter

By | Nov 14, 2007

1) A first-aid kit. The season doesn’t matter. You should always have a first-aid kit in your car. Accidents, (I’m not referring to an auto accident, but a cut finger or nose bleed) always happens when you least expect it. In the winter part of your first-aid kit should include food and snacks.

2) Blankets, gloves and a warm jacket. These will be a blessing if the car decides to die in the middle of the night far from the nearest help.

3) Jumper Cables. If you do it correctly there is no dangers in jump-starting a dead battery. There are many ‘How-To’ instruction on-line, print one and have it with the cables.

4) A good spare tire. When was the last time you checked the spare tire? Check it before the winter to be sure that it is ready in case it’s needed.

5) Ice scrapper. In snow or on a frosty morning, clean all of the windows so you can see.

6) Sand or Kitty litter and a small shovel. If the car gets stuck in snow or on a slippery surface you can place the sand or kitty litter around the tires to help get traction.


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