The origins of 6 popular sayings

By | Nov 13, 2007

1) The Clink. One of the prisons of London was on Clink Street, therefore when you were sent there you were sent to the Clink.

2) Beat around the Bush. Game animals such as rabbits, foxes and birds would hide or roost in a bush. Hunters would beat around the bush to chase the game out into the open so they could get a clear shot.

3) French Kiss. This term dates from the 1920’s. It is an open-mouthed kiss in which the tongues touch or manipulate each other and comes from the idea that the French people were sexually liberated.

4) Saved by the Bell. Some people think that this comes from the boxing world where a boxer may be saved from defeat when the bell rings at the end of the round. But the actual saying comes from the fact that it was hard to tell when a person died or was just in a coma. It was discovered that people were being buried alive, coffins that were excavated were found to have marks on the inside show that the occupant had tried to dig their selves out. When a person was buried a bell would be tied to the person and if the bell rang, the person was said to be saved by the bell.

5) Third World. It was originally a French term Tres Monde used by G. Balandier in 1956. The First World refers to the Industrial West, the Second World, Communist nations of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and the Third World all of the other countries.

6) Your name is Mud. The saying means that you are unpopular and who would be more unpopular than the Doctor who gave medical attention to John Wilkes Booth while on the run after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The Doctor was Samuel Mudd. Mudd was convicted as being a co-conspirator with Booth and was executed. It has been since proven that he knew nothing of the plot.


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