Shamless Self-Promotion

By | Nov 12, 2007

At times every successful person will be required to do some Self-Promotion. This self-promotion may be part of the reason for their success. Since I don’t feel as if I’m a success at my web writing, I suppose it may be time to do some Shameless Self-Promotion by posting links to some of the other where I spend my time.

1) Technology Tips for Small Business. This was my first venture on the internet and the one for which I’m most proud and think is most important. It’s a series of posts that will help assist the small business owner to better understand the technology they use everyday. From this I published the book Technology Tips for Small Business. There is also a companion site dealing with TechTips for SMBs.

2) Yesterday’s Coffee – Reflections On Yesterday. This could be considered a sister site to 6 Things to Consider. On it I will post a couple of times a week my thoughts and opinions about something that has happened in the recent past, usually the Yesterday of the day when it’s posted. On this one I try to make each and every post meaningful, not just a rehash of things that happened.

3) Delmarva Town Crier. I reside on the Delmarva Peninsula and at times it seems as if the news of the peninsula doesn’t get around the region very much. The purpose of this is to try to pass information along, although for the past month or so the only posts have been for weekend events. As time goes by there will be more Delmarva News posted. Along with this I have put together a Forum for people to discuss Delmarva, Delmarva Talk.

4) is a website devoted to the Delmarva Peninsula. This sites relates the History, the Heritage and the Events of the Peninsula.

Delmarva Gifts. This is an online store that works in conjunction with for unique gifts related to the area. There are designs that are on hats, T-Shirts and other items related to each of the Counties that make up the Delmarva Peninsula as well for each of the incorporated towns. There is also the chance for people to request those designs to be changed to relate to their hometown on the peninsula.

5) My foray into the Environmental movement. The site gives information and reports on ways to help save and conserve energy. Saving and Conserving Energy will not only assist in saving the environment, but it can also save money.

6) My personal website that can direct you to any of the above locations and any others that I have but I did not promote on this page. Also in the works is a second website for the Delmarva Peninsula to be called Delmarva Island.


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