What Do People Believe

By | Nov 5, 2007

Results as reported through an AP poll conducted October 16-18, 2007 of 1013 adults.

1) Ghosts – 34% of those polled believes in ghosts. 23% of those have felt that they have been in the presence of a ghost.

2) UFOs – 34% believes in UFO. 14% believes they have seen one.

3) Witchcraft – 19% believes in Spells or Witchcraft.

4) ESP – Nearly half 48% believes in ESP.

5) Afterlife – From a poll conducted by the AARP, nearly three quarters (73 percent) of the people over 50 polled agree with the statement “I believe in life after death.”  Women are a lot more likely to believe in an afterlife (80 percent) than men (64 percent).

6) One Deity – It is believed that 5.629 billion people or 88.24% of the world’s population believe in God.  Source:http://www.adherents.com/Na/Na_516.html


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