Christmas Songs

By | Nov 30, 2007

White Christmas Everyone knows that the song was introduced in the movie Holiday Inn, but many don’t know that it was a song about being stuck in sunny and warm LA and dreaming of a White Christmas. The original first verse is: The sun is shining The grass is green The orange and palm trees […]

Same Name; Different Person

By | Nov 28, 2007

1)   Anne Hathaway American Actress Wife of William Shakespeare 2)   Michael Jackson American Singer American Football player in the 1990’s (born 1940), New Zealand, professor of social anthropology and writer (born 1936), developer of software development methods 20th century), chairman and CEO of AutoNation (born 1960), British writer, known for The Underground Man 3)   Muhammad […]

Happy Birthday – 6 Things to Consider

By | Nov 26, 2007

1) 6 Things to Consider‘s first post was one year ago on November 26, 2006 with 2) There has been nearly 250 different posts on just about every subject. The Month of April was filled with baseball with each day featuring a team. (In hindsight it was probably a mistake devoting a full month […]

Cyber Monday

By | Nov 25, 2007

1) The Monday after Thanksgiving has been termed ‘Cyber Monday’, with the belief that employees who do not have access to the Internet from home or only have dial-up access will be doing on-line shopping that day.2) The term was created as a Internet Marketing term in 2005. Is ‘Cyber Monday’ the busiest Internet Shopping […]

When shopping on-line

By | Nov 23, 2007

1) Create an on-line shopping email account. You may not want to use your regular email account for on-line shopping, since when entering an email address this does give the seller the right to send other promotional information. 2) Use secure Internet connections. You don’t want to shop using public computer like one at the […]

Electronic gadget to give as a gift

By | Nov 22, 2007

1) A digital camera. Digitals cameras now can be purchased inexpensively that will give good to great printed photos. Recommendation is for the camera to have no less than 6 mega pixels and 3X optical zoom. 2) Memory card. If you know someone who already has a digital camera, give a memory card. The cost […]

When in charge of the office party.

By | Nov 19, 2007

For the Thanksgiving Week I am reposting a series of posts from last December dealing with the Holiday Season.  This one deals with things to consider after you’ve been put in charge of the Office Holiday Party. 1) Consider the diversity of the employees. An office party should reflect the team and having an overly […]

Gift Cards

By | Nov 17, 2007

1) It is estimate that as much as $ 25 million will be given through gift cards this holiday season. In 2006 $ 18 Million was spent. 2) When buying a Gift Card it is best to buy from a known and trusted source. Some online auction sites may have cards that are counterfeit or […]

Having in your car during the winter

By | Nov 14, 2007

1) A first-aid kit. The season doesn’t matter. You should always have a first-aid kit in your car. Accidents, (I’m not referring to an auto accident, but a cut finger or nose bleed) always happens when you least expect it. In the winter part of your first-aid kit should include food and snacks. 2) Blankets, […]

The origins of 6 popular sayings

By | Nov 13, 2007

1) The Clink. One of the prisons of London was on Clink Street, therefore when you were sent there you were sent to the Clink. 2) Beat around the Bush. Game animals such as rabbits, foxes and birds would hide or roost in a bush. Hunters would beat around the bush to chase the game […]

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