Haunted locations in the United States

By | Oct 31, 2007

1. US Route 66, traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles was one of the first US highways. Along the route are many areas of haunting. One of these are in Albuquerque New Mexico at the Albuquerque Press Club. Staff and visitors often hear sounds of hi-heeled shoes. At times the piano will play by itself. A woman in a black shawl is known to appear from time to time.

2. At the JFK Library in Los Angeles, it is said that at closing time, after hours and at night faucets turn their selves on and off and locked doors are forced open and eerie stoned laughter is heard. The story has it that some people in the 3rd floor bathroom was getting stoned and in a drug daze one of them was bludgeoned.

3. At the Blue Coat Inn in the Dover, the capital city of Delaware an older man and a young boy has been seen on the grounds. They appear to be in revolutionary period clothes and the boy could be a drummer boy.

4. Edgar Allan Poe’s house in Baltimore Maryland has a heavyset female spirit dressed in gray that roams the house. In the room where Poe’s grandmother lived, people have been tapped on the shoulder. Is it the spirit of his grandmother?

5. In Justice, Illinois there is a story about a young girl, Mary, who was killed in an accident after a night of dancing. One cold snowy night in 1939 a cab driver picked up a young woman and instructed him to drive north on Archer drive. She asked him to stop, but when he turned to look at her, she was gone. He was stopped at the entrance to Resurrection Cemetery.

6. One of the strangest stories deals with the appearance of a black cat at the US Capital building before occurrences of national dangers. Stories abound about the cat, but nothing is certain, and of course ghost hunters would not be allowed entrance into the hallow halls of the Capital.


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