Silent Film Stars that Made it in Talkies

By | Oct 16, 2007

Gilbert Roland
Roland began his silent film career in 1925 and worked with such stars as Clara Bow and Norma Talmadge. He had no problems changing over to sound pictures. His voice was strong and clear even though he did have an accent. He acted in movies until 1982.

Fay Wray
Wray began working in short silent comedies in 1923 and was selected in 1926 as the starlet most likely to succeed. She will always be remembered as the damsel that the great Ape Kong fell in love with in King Kong.

Laurel and Hardy
Both Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel had separate careers in silent comedies, but it was their teaming that made them stars. Many of their short films are considered classic silent comedies. A few they even remade with sound.

Gloria Swanson
Swanson was prolific during the silent film era. Although her career declined with the ‘talkies’, she is now best known for her comeback role in the film Sunset Boulevard , a role in which she portrayed a former silent movie star largely forgotten by audiences of the day.

William Powell
Powell began in silent films in 1922 making 40 films between then and 1929. He worked in the 1950’s with one of his last roles as ‘Doc’ on Mister Roberts. He may be most remembered for the Thin Man movie series of the 1930’s and 40’s.

Joan Crawford
Crawford was a MGM studio actress who began in films in 1925 and by the end of the decade her popularity had blossomed. She was able to switch from being the glamour girl of the 20’s to roles of the hard working American woman in the 1930’s and beyond.


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